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What does it take to build a website? I believe website development is so much more than just making a nice looking website.

I believe there are several elements that factor into creating an effective website:

Professionalism – Your website reflects your business. Professionalism is one of the most important things about creating a website. You need your site to fit the proper target of who you are looking to attract and look great doing it.

Design – You need to look professional but you also need a design that fits with your style and brand. Colors, layout, fonts, images all contribute to a prefect design. How do I create a perfect design for you? I do my research! I also always charge 50% deposit to start and 50% once the site is launched and you are happy with it. It is the best way to ensure you leave with a site that you love (you do not pay the final payment until you are happy)


Target/ Research – Who is your target audience? Who is your competition? What makes your company unique? How do you stand above the rest? I think it is important to take the time to properly learn about the product or service that the website represents. In the beginning of every website development, I spend hours looking into what is working and not working for other companies and who the competition is. What key words might someone search to find you? I learn your product in and out to do the best possible marketing for it. The design process also should keep your target audience in mind at all times. Is it young and funky program for teens? Artsy and underground? Corporate? Clean and Classy? There are endless styles, but knowing your audience helps me to develop a perfect site for your needs.


Organization – Websites that are confusing or get you lost within pages quickly lose viewers. It is important to organize all the content into an easy to navigate and visually appealing manner. I spend the time learning what content you want to include and help find ways that will organize it properly. Do you need a youtube channel? Facebook page? Instagram? What ads might you run? An online store? How can these help your company? 20 years of marketing experience in all aspects of media has made me knowledgeable in the overall use of online marketing (Thinking past JUST creating a website). All of these marketing techniques are kept in mind while developing the best way to organize your website.


SEO (People finding your site) – SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the key to having your site pop up when people are searching relevant terms. Getting the site launched and listed in the main search engines is important to every website. While google is most popular, many programmers forget about Bing (the default search engine on EVERY new windows machine). When I launch a website, I ensure to get it listed in the main directories and pass you tips to help it rank in the most popular search engines. I do offer additional SEO support, but every initial website build comes with SEO in mind while developing the website.

Maintenance – Keeping your site updated with new information helps it in search engines and keeps your audience up to date. When HTML hand code programming was one of the only routes, updates were timely and costly. I now develop sites in software that allows clients to login and do easy updates. Once the site is complete, we do a 30 minute consultation to explain how to login and make edits or add Blog entries and store products. You have control over what you choose to add in the future, but the professional design, SEO and website structure is already there for you.

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