The Interrupters - Videographer


I recently submitted a quick application via email for the tweet that The Interrupters team was looking for an awesome videographer. After sending my email, I realized there was so many things I had not mentioned and so many reasons why I should be considered for the video position. It is impossible to really explain how good of a fit I am via words so I felt I had to send in a quick little video clip - so I know I gave it my all.


While my portfolio is full of corporate samples, my true love and passion is music - and I have a special love for the punk scene. I have only in the last year started to do all my video work independently (as I worked for a corporate and sport related video company for 20 years). I travel often for punk festivals, shows and had the opportunity to join the "Flogging Molly" Cruise several years in a row.  I have hundreds of video clips from the center of the mosh pit. I have yet to get clearance to shoot with my professional gear (goals!), but handling a camera at a punk show is no problem as I am in my element.

All my years of working in a corporate video environment has allowed me to work with speed, quality and professionalism. My personality is fun, outgoing and I am very easy to get along with. I have the technical skills for compression and knowledge presenting on different online platforms. My graphic and photoshop skills come in handy when working with typography and layering in aftereffects. I can handle getting quality footage in every type of location. I am a workaholic because I truly love what I get to create.

I have many years experience, but none of my recent work shows my ability to shoot and edit music. Music is my passion, so I really felt that I had to reach out one more time with some older examples of my music related work. Please forgive some of the compression - it is deep from the backups.

Knucklehead - this was an older video showcasing a mix of live footage for a local punk band. It was shot back in the VHS days, but the original was put on BETA and aired regularly on television.

Dylan Walshe - This was a recent project. I was supplied the footage from the artist and had to edit it to fit his desired style. It took a few edit rounds to make it "not so modern" and overall, he was happy with the final edit.

B52 Bellas - A promo clip from 2012 for my Roller Derby team, the style is a little more heavy in "after effect" compositing .

EPITCH - Another one of my corporate clips, this shows working with text and graphics and was created in a 24 hour timeframe.


For the sake of showing a bit more of my personality and my love for shows - I also added a phone clip of me getting kicked in the face at a Pennywise show. I think it really shows my "relaxed" personality and my ability to have no fear and "keep rolling" hahaha. Enjoy.

I would love even the opportunity to learn what you require and have a chat or call to see if I might be what you are looking for.