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Canadian Energy Executive Association

Proposal for 2019 Event Photography Services

Rosie Moyer - Mindspin Media / Little Laughs Photography


I have been doing professional photography and videography for over 20 years and feel that I would be a perfect fit to cover the upcoming events for CEEA. Although my photography website is marketed towards family photography, I have covered many styles of events (retirement parties, awards events, Christmas parties, conferences) and so much more.

I am a graduate of Vancouver Film School, where I was able to learn a  variety of multimedia skills. I have always been a jack of all trades and have years of experience in web design, programming, video production, photography, advertising campaigns, graphic design, marketing and branding.

These additional skills relate directly to my photography work, as capturing the right images are key in proper branding and marketing for every company. This additional knowledge has been an asset for many of my clients.


I believe capturing an event should include both the people and the overall atmosphere of the event (from decor to sponsors etc.). Photography is not only about delivering a great final product, but also being able to interact with people in a positive and non-intrusive manner.


My outgoing personality makes it easy for me to interact with attendees, give direction when needed, capture genuine smiles and natural candid moments. I also have extensive experience working with children, which has given me the ability to work with great speed and not interrupt the flow of the events.

I often will shoot interior events with my external flash, I do also have a larger lighting kit available (and background options) to bring if any of the events would like a "photo" location to capture portrait style images as well. There is no additional charges to bring my studio light and backdrop if an client requests it.


More information on my corporate client list can be found at:

Examples/Past Projects

I have organized several smaller galleries to showcase 3 different previous events. As I have years of experience working with Laura and Scott Lovett ( the current CEEA Chairs), I have added two of the events that I recently covered for Laura. As a previous client, she has had the opportunity to see my work first hand at several styles of events.

Event #1 - Not On My Watch

This was an event “Not On My Watch” at the Calgary Hangar flight museum. The focus of this event was bring awareness to human trafficking and help to showcase the event sponsors. Photos were later used in newsletters and online marketing.

Event #2 - Finding Sophie Book Launch

This was a book launch event for Laura Lovett. The launch of her latest book "Finding Sophie"  was held at the Deane House in Calgary. The venue was dim and cozy, but I captured a mix of attendees and displays to use for her marketing campaigns.

Event #3 - Expedia Cruise Awards Gala

This was an awards event for the members of Expedia Cruise Ship Centers. Held at a hotel in Calgary, staff from all over the region attended the awards night. Photos were captured to cover the award recipients and to be used in online internal newsletters.

Cost Summary

All of my event packages are flat rates, this covers the photography time as well as the sorting and touch ups of images (this can range from 2-8 hours per event) . Most 2 - 4 hour events can have over 600 images to sort through and trim down to a final few hundred. The majority of time involved is not in the actual event coverage but in the sorting and editing. Turn around time after events is usually 1 week. I am aware that for the Banff event, you may want the images to showcase throughout the event. I can edit them daily to ensure you have them the next day.

My standard event rate is $750 for up to 4 hours and $100 each additional hour. There is no additional fees for the sorting and editing of images.

Due to the number of events within this proposal and my relationship with Laura and Scott Lovett, I can offer a discounted rate for this proposal.

I can discount my normal rate from $750 to $650 for up to 4 hours and discount my hourly rate to $80/hour additional for coverage. Also, for the shorter evening, I can discount the price a bit lower as well.


February 6, 2019 - Calgary Petroleum Club, Calgary

Evening - 4 hours

Price $650


April 13, 2019 - BMO Centre, Calgary

Evening - 4 hours

Price $650

April 23 - the Sheraton, Eau Claire

Day - 8 hours

Price $970

August 20, 2019 - Fairmont Banff Springs, Banff

Evening – 3 hours

Price $550

August 21, 2019 - Fairmont Banff Springs, Banff

Day – 9 hours

Price $1050

August 22, 2019 - Fairmont Banff Springs, Banff

Day - 4 hours

Price $650

August 23, 2019 - Fairmont Banff Springs, Banff

Day - 4 hours

Price $650

August 24, 2019 - Fairmont Banff Springs, Banff

Day - 4 hours

Price $650


Estimated travel costs for August 20 - 24th.

$75/each way to and from Banff from Calgary - $150

5 days of meal budget $40/day x 5 - $200

Calgary events - No travel fee

Travel from Canmore to Banff - No travel fee

Total for all event photography - $5820

Estimated travel costs - $350

Highlight Video Add-on

As I feel it could be very beneficial for you, I also wanted to offer you an option of a video add-on. Since I have discounted my photography rates, adding an event video may be still within budget and leave everyone with a fun keepsake (as well as footage for countless marketing options).


In my many years of covering media for different events, one event that comes to mind was a conference that I attended in Whistler for Ivanhoe Cambridge. As part of the project, I attended the conference and captured video of the whole event. I would edit the footage nightly and at the end of the conference they presented the final 3 minute video for everyone to see. All attendees also received a follow up email with the video link to have as a keepsake.

This was the highlight video for Ivanhoe Cambridge.

Please keep in mind this was done over 15 years ago, when video was not digital.

The compression quality is ancient compared to the equipment that I currently use, but it still showcases the variety of candid footage and overall upbeat style that can be created to showcase a large conference or event.

Full video coverage of the Oilmen’s Golf Tournament August 21-24th and a highlight video

(3-5 minutes) edited to a song of your choice. Final video delivered in .mp4 format

$2000 – fully shot, edited and ready 1 week after event for email out to everyone.

$2900 - fully shot, edited nightly and ready on the last night to showcase at the tournament.

All raw footage can also be supplied. This can be used for any additional needs such as website videos, promotional clips and sponsorship campaigns.

If you would like to see more recent / modern video footage and examples of my work, they are available online :

This was also an older video from 2009 for the  grand opening of CrossIron Mills mall. While these older videos do not show the high end quality of my recent work, I feel they do show a good example of a large event edited into a solid final product.  (you can skip to about 0:35 to see the event coverage begin)


Overall, I feel I offer professional quality at reasonable prices and would love the opportunity to capture these events for you. My experience across all creative platforms gives the ability to offer both photography services and potential video services without hiring a large team and charging excessive costs.

I do look forward to meeting you all in the future.

Thank you for your consideration.

Rosie Moyer


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