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Rosie Moyer

Rosie Moyer


Allow me to introduce myself—I’m Rosie Moyer, the creative force behind Mind Spin Media. I’ve been passionate about both video and photography pretty much since childhood. In high school, I could always be found in either the TV studio or the graphics lab, editing videos and loving every minute of it. While in grade 12, I competed against hundreds of industry professionals to win the national Radius award for my editing skills.

After graduation, I was accepted into Vancouver Film School, where I was able to hone my skills and release my creativity in a myriad of ways. I pushed the envelope from what was the norm, took risks, and stretched my imagination to new levels.  I became a jack of all trades; web, 3D, audio, video, and graphics. I loved media, and knew that it was my calling. I graduated with a certificate of excellence, along with several provincial awards. Three videos that I produced while in school aired on the Much Music TV channel.

After film school, I started working with Channel 1 Media Solutions. For the past nineteen years, I’ve created videos for hundreds of clients and many professional sports teams, including NHL, CFL, NBA, and NFL. I also freelanced, creating videos, websites, and marketing tools for numerous companies, musicians and clients.

Being a proud entrepreneur, I have over the years launched my own award-winning photography company, Little Laughs Photography Art, while still crafting multimedia projects and coaching others on new business start ups.

I know how to take a vision or an idea from a thought and turn it into a reality, and I’m excited to work with both previous and new clients focusing on doing what I love to do, and creating amazing results. Welcome to Mind Spin Media!

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